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Save €1000's Every Year

for Less Than Two Coffees a Week


> Ensure accurate recipe costs
> Get instant allergen and nutrient details
> Never lose your recipes

Trusted by leading hospitality companies

Always correct costs, allergens, and calories

Chefs who move to Prepsheets focus more on their menus. Prepsheets takes care of tracking costs, remembering allergens, and calculating calories giving chefs more time to challenge their skills.

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Works with your ingredients

With Prepsheets Managed Database of ingredients from major food suppliers, you can get started right away. We work with:

  • Sysco
  • Odaios Foods
  • La Rousse Foods
  • Musgrave
  • Biasol
  • and lots more
If we don't have your supplier you can upload a price list in 5 minutes or we can do it for you



Comply with nutrient labeling regulations

Prepsheets tracks the nutrients in your recipes for you. See the calories, sugars, fats, protiens, etc in all your recipes. Prepsheets works with your suppliers to always have up-to-date nutrient information about your ingredients.

Once you're happy with a recipe Prepsheets can print EU compliant nutrient labels that are customized for your business.

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What our partners say about us

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Prepsheets is an amazing tool that helps us develop well-balanced and nutritious meals for our pupils, supporting their daily development and learning. I would wholeheartedly recommend it to any busy kitchen seeking to manage food costs, scale recipes, count nutrients, reduce food waste, and delegate tasks effectively.

Ilaria Benzo
Catering Manager, Castle Park School
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The biggest benefit to us was the accessibility to the Prepsheets team. Having them pop in, or answer the phone, readily available to help with any issues we had. We are really delighted and feel confident in the range of expertise within the team, both from a software and kitchen experience viewpoint.

Susan O'Sullivan
Owner / Farmer, Farmhouse Cafe
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After years of trying out different systems, I was delighted to come across Prepsheets. It’s user friendly, practical and time saving. The margins on any dishes we serve are now at my fingertips and I can adjust numbers quickly when an ingredient price changes.

Mark Robinson
Business Consultant, Russborough House
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We use Prepsheets for both food and beverage and it is has become godsend that we use every day. Especially nowadays with non-stop supplier price changes, Prepsheets has become a huge asset to myself and the team.

Grace Caffey
Owner, Farmer Browns

Built on 35 years of experience

Prepsheets is the backbone of Brian Beattie's hospitality group. It began on pen and paper in his fine dining restaurant and is now used across all his cafés and venues. Prepsheets ensures the quality and consistency of his dishes whilst enabling Brian and his team to consistently achieve:
  • High G.P.s
  • Low food waste
  • Increased productivity


You can follow along with our detailed video series or get in touch to arrange a 1-1 call

Managed Setup


We know kitchens are busy places and you don't always have time to learn a time new tool. With Prepsheets Managed Setup service we take all the setup out of understanding your recipes.  

How it works:

  1. We'll contact your suppliers and add all your ingredients into Prepsheets
  2. We'll add 10 of your recipes into Prepsheets
  3. We'll setup accounts for everyone on your team
  4. We'll schedule calls with your team to train them on Prepsheets


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We know every euro counts in your business so we have super simple and SME friendly introductory pricing

€29.95 per 100 recipes per month

Nutrient labels are an optional upgrade for:

€15 per 100 recipes per month

Frequently Asked Questions

I have Approved Purchasing Lists (APLs) from my suppliers. Can I upload these?

Yes, we have created an APL importer so can do this in a couple of minutes. Please make sure your supplier gives you your APL as a csv file and each ingredient has: a code, a name, a price, and a weight.

Is my data private?

You are the owner of your data (recipes, APLs, etc) and it is not shared with anyone expect you and users within your organization that you give access to. To learn more, see our privacy policy.

Can I add pictures of my dishes?

Yes, all prepsheets allow you to add pictures of your dishes.

What if my suppliers don't provide calorie information?

No worries, works with the US Food Database to allow you to get calorie and nutritional information for any ingredient in 5 seconds.

What if my question isn't here?

You can chat with us and we'll do our best to answer any other questions you have!

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